I have been using vodafone for past 4 years and have made numerous complaints to there customer service and gallery about many of their lootmaar schemes.
Two months ago :
I used post paid connection and ended up paying for Vodafone live (1800 rs) and Vodafone mobile connect (vmc299) per month. Vodafone live was not applicable to me as vmc was active so technically I was entitled 2GB of free internet. Vodafone refused to acknowledge that they have faulty billing system and I ended up paying for 2 different service of internet on a single number.
Present crisis
I changed by post paid service to prepaid. Refilled it for the amount of 250 rs. Activated internet (vl99) through SMS which cost me 99 rs. The confirmation SMS I received next day stated that the vl99 service is activated and 99 rs deducted. Remaining balance is 150 rs. After few hrs I realised my phones outgoing was bared because my a/c reflected balance amount of minus 5 rs. I was shocked and amazed how Vodafone convienently and smartly loots its unsuspecting customers. This is what corporate loot is about. Just because they have a off and we take a token to meet them. They have taken us for granted. I hope people who read this are careful with Vodafone. This is the greatest lootmar company operating in india.