I Have been a close observer of bollywood and have many friends in this so called Film INDUSTRY! There are trends which are very disturbing.
There was a time in bollywood when Mumbaikers (Bombayites) use to work as technicians in huge numbers.Today less and less local mumbai talent is seen. There has been systematic denial of jobs to local people, by local people, I don’t just mean Maharastrians, I count in all the other communities as well.This trend has been instigated by North Indians who have entered in to film business, primarily Punjabis. Punjabis have been making films in bollywood from early era of black and white. Punjabi producers then never made films which had heavy punjabi language and culture propoganda! Today there seems to be a very deliberate attempt to influence and motivate audience to belive that Punjabi culture is greatest and we are honest and bravest! If look back from 1990s onwards every other film has punjabi songs and story is based with punjabiyat attitude. The content has so much punjabi stink that I am surprised why these films have not been termed as regional punjabi language films. This punjabi influence has motivated more and more migrant workers from punjab, haryana, UP, Bihar. These workers come here to earn their livelyhood and survive. This results in working at low wages and fees, which obviously a mumbai based man can’t compete because his cost of living in the city includes his family.
Producers spend crores for their stars but when it comes to paying the technicians their money dries up and once the film is completed they find their wealth tap again overflowing for promotion and AD. There are producers and directors currently in bollywood who have been employing only Northindians. They themselves being a migrants feel they are doing some kind of social service. Sadly some very big corporates too don’t understand this problem and continue to hire these racist directors. Political parties like Mns and Shiv sena definitly have a very valid point when they say : If you give our jobs to migrants then what are we suppose to do, go to UP, Bihar to work!
Imagine you work in a corporate and your company hires migrants for lower pay then you, after few months they ask to quit because they can’t afford to pay you, and the migrant is willing to do your job with his current salary!
Another problem is these migrants end up making fake ration cards and then apply for Mhada housing lottery schemes! Which again is denial of housing for locals. Its a very sad situation in bollywood rightnow!
So if you plan to join Bollywood by any chance, have a rethink!